Notes from Management [ardentleprechaun]

Give Shane a TV show!

How’d he keep his job long enough to get that many notes?

He probably wrote them himself and took pictures

Still impressively creative though.

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i want world peace but there are people i want to kill first


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u made Steldor too hot, sorry i couldn't ship Alera with Narian

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Haha, it’s alright, I understand! I sort of have a thing for Steldor myself… whoops. :P

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damn. that cliffhanger. was not expecting that for sure! Excellent work as always :D

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Thank you!

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Sorry about the odd question, but do you happen to be a Tom Hiddleston fan and is Tom Matlock based off of him in any way?

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I’ve never thought about Matlock being similar to Tom Hiddleston, but I can understand where you see parallels! I am a HUGE Hiddleston fan, btw. :)

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I have missed your presence on tumblr! I know you've been busy touring blogs and whatnot, but I'm glad you're back even for a bit! :)

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Thanks!! Things have been crazy busy, but I’m so glad to have a few minutes here and there to hang out!

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Many cancer patients can be overwhelmed with the physical and emotional difficulties of their disease, and the loss of their hair from chemotherapy treatment certainly doesn’t help. Henna Heals, a rich community of nearly 150 henna tattoo artists worldwide established by a team of 5 women in Canada, helps women with cancer feel confident and beautiful again by drawing elegant henna crowns on their bare heads:

The intricate patterns that the artists create with all-natural henna paste are a unique and empowering substitute to the hats and wigs that many women use to cover their heads after losing their hair to chemotherapy. “For cancer patients, the henna crowns really are a healing experience,” claims Frances Darwin, the founder of Henna Heals. “This is all about them reclaiming a part of themselves that would normally be perceived as ill or damaged or not nice to look at and making it more feminine and beautiful.”

The traditional South-Asian temporary tattoos, which are made with 100% natural home-made henna paste, last for around two weeks and have no harmful side-effects. Henna Heals also offers henna services for special events and does belly painting for mother-to-be, but they always donate 10% of their proceeds to compensate the cost of the henna crowns they make for cancer patients.

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